Gratitude and Prosperity

‘Prosperity’ is not in the title of my blog not only because it is quite long enough already but because results show that this is an area in which I have much to learn. Nevertheless, in any field, putting what we know into words to help others can be a help to our own understanding.

It is comparatively easy to be grateful for money coming into our lives. But what about the money going out? Does that give rise to worry and fear of not having enough? How about being grateful also for the money going out? We can be grateful for food, a warm home and transportation. We can be grateful for the ability and opportunity to help others, both directly through contributions to good causes and indirectly from supporting employment in the provision of the goods and services we spend our money on.

A habitual ‘attitude of gratitude’ increases our awareness of and readiness to respond to the opportunities which are all around us for greater prosperiity.

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