External And Internal Goals

What is your primary goal? What do you want more than anything else? Is your goal something external such as to make a million dollars or something internal such as peace, joy, and fulfillment?

Dr Alex Loyd suggests that if we have an external goal which is not what we primarily want internally then the resulting stress practically guarantees failure to achieve the goal.

Even if an external goal is achieved it is unlikely to satisfy for long. If our true internal desire is not achieved, choosing a new external goal just leads to further frustration.

By contrast when we work towards our true internal goal the way becomes joyous and we are ‘in the flow’.

The true internal goal is much more achievable and is the power source to achieve the external.

Doing and planning in an external sense does not disappear but becomes more tentative and flexible. ‘This is what I currently think success might look like and I will work towards it but I am open to modifying my ideas as I go along.’

Rich German tells how when he first achieved his goal of financial success, within a short time there was a sense of disillusionment and ‘Is this all there is?’ Only once he discovered his true passion in coaching and helping others achieve their dreams did he find true peace and joy and fulfillment as well as financial freedom.

Dr Loyd’s Success Codes deprogram our failure programming and reprogram for success. (In the video the description starts at about 13 minutes in.) They are effective and in many ways revolutionary, but the ideas outlined above also have very respectable antecedents:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. — Matt. 6: 33.

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