I Need Do Nothing

It sometimes seems these days that we could spend all day and all night listening to live webinars and replays. There are so many wonderful and inspiring speakers. Is there a danger of overload, of jumping from one thing to another and not getting the full benefit of any? In this post I would like to concentrate on one idea which I have heard repeatedly from several very different speakers.

Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner on goals. Even if the ostensible goal is expressed in material terms the important thing is how we believe achieving it is going to make us feel.

If the steps to achieving the goal seem a struggle and generate resistance perhaps we should be concentrating more on the feeling goal, and then we can understand that the peace, joy, security we seek are already available within us. Indeed that is what we are. Then the outer steps to achieve our goal can be taken with greater ease and a sense of being ‘in the flow’.

(Incidentally, this reminds me of an aunt who, when she saw me going to university and on to postgraduate work, would often say, ‘Are you still in school? Never mind, it will be worth it in the end.’ Even then that struck me as totally absurd. I wouldn’t be doing all that study and research if it wasn’t what fired my interest and enthusiasm and sense of purpose.)

Derek Rydall on ‘THE REAL SECRET: How to End the Struggle of Self Improvement and Effortlessly Achieve Your Full Potential!’ Whatever the problem, and however long it has been there, Right Now you can realise freedom and peace. The struggle is always to get from outside something you believe will get you the peace, joy, safety which is already within you. You have everything within you which you could ever need.

Not so much manifestation as emergence.

Affirmations, prayer for something, trying to get, are all expressions of lack. The change has to be an internal awakening to what we are, this person who is lacking is unreal.

Better to pray from the inner knowledge that we are what we have been seeking. Not action to make something happen, to change the world; you are the change the world has been waiting for. Life doesn’t happen to you it happens through you. Your nature is joy, love, abundance. To ask whether we ‘deserve’ such things is meaningless. Does water ask if it deserves to be wet?

Paul Bauer and Susan Castle: You are already what you desire. (Only the brain does not believe that.) There is no need to go outside yourself. It cannot be found through the brain; it must be found through the heart.

Hans King. You and the abundance of Spirit are not separate. You are the abundance you are seeking.

From Dr Joe Rubino: Whatever you want more of, give to others; be whatever you want more of.

And finally, from Natalie Ledwell and Morry Zelcovitch. Having chosen goals, think, what type of person achieves these goals, what thoughts do they think. Then use affirmations based on these thoughts: I am …

The title of this post is that of Chapter 18, Section VII of A Course in Miracles.

… when the goal is finally achieved by anyone, it always comes with just one happy realization; “I need do nothing.”
Here is the ultimate release which everyone will one day find in his own way, at his own time.

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