Money As An Idea

I was listening to the wonderful Ann Taylor in a call with Darius Barazandeh as she asked God to heal all fear of lack of money.

I found I was asking myself, why should money have such a different feeling from other things we might desire more of in our lives?

We might want more love, but could we really think that there is a lack of love? A few minutes of gratitude for all the love that surrounds us each day, the love of family and friends, a smile or friendly word from a complete stranger. Or just spending a moment sending out loving thoughts. Is it not so easy to become aware that we are immersed in love?

Similarly for peace, joy, … , even abundance (in the abstract?) … the abundance of nature … the weeds in my garden. But money, why does that suddenly seem different from the others, heavier, more ambiguous?

But what if money, too, is an idea? Less obvious if you are using cowrie shells, coins, gold bars, or even paper money, but most of our financial transactions these days are at least in part conducted electronically, so seeing money as an idea is not such a stretch.

Yet many of us have some strange and unhelpful ideas about money (often acquired when we were young enough to accept any idea without question). Even one from the Bible, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’, often made more limiting in misquotation by omitting the first three words.

Ann was offering three specific healings:

  1. worry about money, which pushes prosperity away
  2. fear of lack of money
  3. belief that there is never enough money

Ann asks God to heal all the negative thoughts and energies associated with these beliefs. When these are healed we begin to expect everything to work out, we are able to believe that we DESERVE to have everything work out, and we are then empowered to share.

People say that Ann Taylor is a great healer. She herself says that God is the Healer, she is just a great ‘asker’. When she asks God to heal the fear and worry and negative beliefs she challenges us to find them again – they are gone. This time I felt more than ever before that that was the case, even for me.

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3 Responses to Money As An Idea

  1. Mary Bray says:

    Wonderful summary, Archie. It does seem easier to ask for other “ideas”. I think we have to really grasp that money is only energy – another idea and we are worthy recipients. This is easier to do once we’ve cleared our old ideas about money.

  2. Paula Lucas says:

    Very interesting article, Archie – I was just discussing this VERY SAME idea with an online friend the other day – I’ve been able to manifest a lot in my life, but money just seems to elude me…working on changing that – LOL. Thanks for the help!

  3. Hi Archie,
    I really enjoyed your post and like the “idea” of thinking of money as an idea. 🙂 You are right that as a society we have so many negative beliefs and fears wrapped around the idea of money. Just as some people use the idea of love to manipulate and control others, others use it to nurture, support, and give graciously to others. If we can change our perception of how we feel about the idea of money, it will flow to us as does love.

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