Quantum-Touch Workshop

Recently I attended a Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop led by Karina Grant.
I had read “Quantum-Touch – The Power to Heal”, the defining text by the founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon, several times but attending a live workshop was a great help in clarifying the material and especially as the participants were able to put it into practice with each other.

In one session we used distance healing and I found this session particularly moving and inspiring.

Richard Gordon states that “the ability to heal is an inherent part of people’s essential nature.” Through breathing exercises, love and intention the practitioner learns to increase the awareness of life-force energy and physical sensations in his or her hands. Using a very light touch on the client it is possible to accelerate the body’s own healing response. Richard emphasizes that the real ‘healer’ in a Quantum-Touch session is the client rather than the practitioner.

Quantum-Touch seems to me just what I have always felt should exist – healing which is natural and accessible to all.

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  1. Sue Shockley says:

    I’m so interested in Quantum Touch lately. I have used EFT and Healing Codes for several years and found them to be effective, but continue to explore. Where did you take the workshop with Karina?

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