Giving and Receiving are the Same

I was walking home recently and felt waves of love and joy and peace rolling over me. Where did that come from I wondered. Then I remembered that earlier I had been sitting for some time beside a young woman who appeared distracted, unhappy…

It had not seemed appropriate to say anything much to her but I had been sending love and peace and joy in her direction. And later I noticed that she appeared much more cheerful.

Some sentences from ‘A Course In Miracles’ come to mind:

How many times has it been emphasized that you give but to yourself? And where could this be better shown than in the kinds of help [one] gives to those who need his aid? Here is his gift most clearly given him. For he will give only what he has chosen for himself.

[G]iving and receiving are the same.

To give and to receive are one in truth.
I will receive what I am giving now.

Any time we feel lacking in any quality, we can become more aware of how much we have by giving it to someone else.

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3 Responses to Giving and Receiving are the Same

  1. Beverley Thomas says:

    This was interesting, but I wonder whose fault is it, if you give love to someone and they do not readily give love back to you. What does that mean? Does it mean that you have been unable to give love sufficiently to yourself; if that is the case then how sad.

    • Archie says:

      To be loved is wonderful, but the key to happiness is to love, unconditionally and regardless of the response or lack thereof. However in ‘giving and receiving are the same’ what we receive is not necessarily coming from the person to whom we have given, and if we are all one then the distinction is unnecessary anyway.

      ‘Does it mean that you have been unable to give love sufficiently to yourself’ – perhaps so. Proper self-love, self-esteem is so important. I have seen it suggested to look in the mirror and say ‘I love you’, ‘You’re beautiful.’ OK it can feel a bit weird at first but it does work. But then you are beautiful!

      Here is a post which suggests a way to reinterpret any reaction as ‘loving’.

      ‘if you give love to someone and they do not readily give love back to you. What does that mean?’ If you are referring here to romantic love then of course the other person has his/her own freedom to respond or not. But here again, self-esteem is vital. If I don’t love myself, if I don’t regard myself as lovable, how can I expect anyone else to love me?

      And finally, ‘whose fault’ – ascribing ‘fault’ to anyone else or especially to oneself, is not helpful. As far as possible we can see only good.

      Wow, Beverley, you’ve really got me going tonight!

  2. Linda Ryan says:

    Great post Archie and so true. What a nice thing you did for that woman! Giving and receiving are 2 sides of the same coin and you can’t have one without the other~like breathing out and breathing in. Happy Christmas! (Did I impress you with my British?) 🙂

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