Giving and Receiving are the Same

I was walking home recently and felt waves of love and joy and peace rolling over me. Where did that come from I wondered. Then I remembered that earlier I had been sitting for some time beside a young woman who appeared distracted, unhappy…

It had not seemed appropriate to say anything much to her but I had been sending love and peace and joy in her direction. And later I noticed that she appeared much more cheerful.

Some sentences from ‘A Course In Miracles’ come to mind:

How many times has it been emphasized that you give but to yourself? And where could this be better shown than in the kinds of help [one] gives to those who need his aid? Here is his gift most clearly given him. For he will give only what he has chosen for himself.

[G]iving and receiving are the same.

To give and to receive are one in truth.
I will receive what I am giving now.

Any time we feel lacking in any quality, we can become more aware of how much we have by giving it to someone else.

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