Gratitude and Manifestation

We may have read many times that what we hold predominantly in mind will increase. We may believe this intellectually but may find it difficult to apply the principle to achieve the results we seek.

Gratitude can provide a painless, even joyous, way to help. When we concentrate on being grateful for all that we have this works on two levels. We are holding in mind what we want to increase, but in addition this is accompanied by the strong positive emotion of gratitude.

I probably had not made this connection clearly before reading Steve Martile’s `7 Principles in The Science of Getting Rich’, a free pdf inspired by a 1910 book by Wallace D. Wattles.

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  1. Linda Ryan says:

    Archie, you reference my favorite chapter from one of my favorite books. Gratitude for all that we have AND all that we want and do not yet have, is the best way I know to remain happy. Loving your posts! 🙂

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