Living On The Edge

I have often thought how remarkable it was that I could live for decades just getting by financially. Colin Tipping in his Ebook ‘Radical Manifestation’ says that ‘most people’ live in this narrow line dividing wealth from penury and homelessness. If we were really victims of circumstance and economic conditions surely the fluctuations would mean that far more people would sink into homelessness. Instead is not this strong evidence that we are responsible for our own financial situation and are just being powerful in maintaining our comfort zone?

Alternatively we can decide to push out of our comfort zone of ‘just getting by’ and choose abundance. There is so much help available out there. I have referred to several sources that have helped and inspired me and will write of others when I have further applied their methods, but I am determined to change for ever ‘having month left at the end of the money’ to ‘having money left at the end of the month.’

Charles Dickens’ Mr Micawber put it memorably (on an annual basis) in David Copperfield:

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen [pounds] nineteen [shillings] and six [pence], result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.

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This Stuff Works!

About 16 weeks ago I started using daily a 7 minute Future Visioning Meditation from Matt Clarkson. The aim is to establish an intention, and in particular the feelings associated with its realization, as put into place in your future.

My intention was for a particular sum of money to be in a particular account for a specific purpose. Within days of starting the meditation events and ideas began to suggest a way of realizing the intention, call it Plan A, and work continued on it.

Yesterday I was able to see the money in the account according to the intention.

Amazingly, however, this was from a source quite different from Plan A, and Plan A should realize a similar amount in a few more weeks.

I seemed to find this particular application of the Law of Attraction sufficiently simple and compelling to stick with it until the result was attained.

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Money As An Idea

I was listening to the wonderful Ann Taylor in a call with Darius Barazandeh as she asked God to heal all fear of lack of money.

I found I was asking myself, why should money have such a different feeling from other things we might desire more of in our lives?

We might want more love, but could we really think that there is a lack of love? A few minutes of gratitude for all the love that surrounds us each day, the love of family and friends, a smile or friendly word from a complete stranger. Or just spending a moment sending out loving thoughts. Is it not so easy to become aware that we are immersed in love?

Similarly for peace, joy, … , even abundance (in the abstract?) … the abundance of nature … the weeds in my garden. But money, why does that suddenly seem different from the others, heavier, more ambiguous?

But what if money, too, is an idea? Less obvious if you are using cowrie shells, coins, gold bars, or even paper money, but most of our financial transactions these days are at least in part conducted electronically, so seeing money as an idea is not such a stretch.

Yet many of us have some strange and unhelpful ideas about money (often acquired when we were young enough to accept any idea without question). Even one from the Bible, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’, often made more limiting in misquotation by omitting the first three words.

Ann was offering three specific healings:

  1. worry about money, which pushes prosperity away
  2. fear of lack of money
  3. belief that there is never enough money

Ann asks God to heal all the negative thoughts and energies associated with these beliefs. When these are healed we begin to expect everything to work out, we are able to believe that we DESERVE to have everything work out, and we are then empowered to share.

People say that Ann Taylor is a great healer. She herself says that God is the Healer, she is just a great ‘asker’. When she asks God to heal the fear and worry and negative beliefs she challenges us to find them again – they are gone. This time I felt more than ever before that that was the case, even for me.

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Fun, Manifestation, and a Tautology

I was listening to a fun-filled call with Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory and found myself writing among my scribbled notes, ‘Wow’, ‘This is Good!’, etc.

They emphasize the importance of keeping a light touch in applying the Law of Attraction. Have Fun! Get into the glorious feeling of what you desire.

Give up any thought or feeling of neediness. We still have the desire but also make peace with where we are right now while having eager expectation for what is on its way.

‘Everything is perfect right now.’ (That one got a ‘Wow’.)

On being specific in stating our intention: some people may be fired up by numbers of clients or sums of money, then that’s great; for others this may generate resistance – then we can concentrate on the life we desire, the freedom, the joy as we are able to help more and more people while pursuing our passion.

OK, we’ve made a great start. But what do we do when all the negative what ifs come up.

  • What if I get rejected?
  • It’s so hard to make money
  • You can’t be spiritual and wealthy
  • I can’t change a lot

Ask what if the opposite is true.

  • What if people are eager to receive what I have to offer?
  • What if it’s easy to make money?
  • You can be spiritual and wealthy
  • What if I can change a lot?

Whenever negative thoughts come up try the opposite, even if at first you have to do this a thousand times a day!

And the tautology?

The following idea came suddenly to me as I reviewed my notes on Jeanna and Eva’s call.

Whatever I am guided to do, whatever is for my highest good, must be possible for me to do.

Practically a tautology, yet so powerful.

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On Lists, Problems, and Gödel’s Theorem

I have recently seen several versions of the story of the executive who, having tried it, happily paid $25000 for the day planning method: Make a list of the six most important tasks for the day in decreasing order of importance (preferably the night before). Work on the first until it is completed. Then the second and so on. And that was $25000 about a century ago. Linda Ryan has a recent post on this.

Mary Morrissey uses a powerful analogy to emphasise the impartiality of the universe in aiding our intentions:

The universe doesn’t care what thought you think any more than your Google box cares what you put in the question. … The moment you say your interest inside that box … the search engines go looking for everything like what you’re interested in.

Mary also includes another of my favorite ideas, that it is useful to think of ‘problem’ as having a meaning as in the phrase ‘math problem’, with the implication that the solution already exists, it just has to be worked through.

Perhaps we need to discount the modern tendency to set ‘open-ended’ problems, designed to provoke fresh thinking rather than a predetermined ‘solution’. We also have to forget about Gödel’s theorem with its guarantee of the existence of undecidable problems. My apologies to all those who believe they are ‘no good at math’ – now isn’t that an interesting block?!

I have found the list-making method helpful, when I actually do it, but I do think that some flexibility is desirable. Number 1 on the list for today was to put out some advertising, but as I awoke my mind was so full of ideas for this post that I felt I had to write at least a draft.

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I Need Do Nothing

It sometimes seems these days that we could spend all day and all night listening to live webinars and replays. There are so many wonderful and inspiring speakers. Is there a danger of overload, of jumping from one thing to another and not getting the full benefit of any? In this post I would like to concentrate on one idea which I have heard repeatedly from several very different speakers.

Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner on goals. Even if the ostensible goal is expressed in material terms the important thing is how we believe achieving it is going to make us feel.

If the steps to achieving the goal seem a struggle and generate resistance perhaps we should be concentrating more on the feeling goal, and then we can understand that the peace, joy, security we seek are already available within us. Indeed that is what we are. Then the outer steps to achieve our goal can be taken with greater ease and a sense of being ‘in the flow’.

(Incidentally, this reminds me of an aunt who, when she saw me going to university and on to postgraduate work, would often say, ‘Are you still in school? Never mind, it will be worth it in the end.’ Even then that struck me as totally absurd. I wouldn’t be doing all that study and research if it wasn’t what fired my interest and enthusiasm and sense of purpose.)

Derek Rydall on ‘THE REAL SECRET: How to End the Struggle of Self Improvement and Effortlessly Achieve Your Full Potential!’ Whatever the problem, and however long it has been there, Right Now you can realise freedom and peace. The struggle is always to get from outside something you believe will get you the peace, joy, safety which is already within you. You have everything within you which you could ever need.

Not so much manifestation as emergence.

Affirmations, prayer for something, trying to get, are all expressions of lack. The change has to be an internal awakening to what we are, this person who is lacking is unreal.

Better to pray from the inner knowledge that we are what we have been seeking. Not action to make something happen, to change the world; you are the change the world has been waiting for. Life doesn’t happen to you it happens through you. Your nature is joy, love, abundance. To ask whether we ‘deserve’ such things is meaningless. Does water ask if it deserves to be wet?

Paul Bauer and Susan Castle: You are already what you desire. (Only the brain does not believe that.) There is no need to go outside yourself. It cannot be found through the brain; it must be found through the heart.

Hans King. You and the abundance of Spirit are not separate. You are the abundance you are seeking.

From Dr Joe Rubino: Whatever you want more of, give to others; be whatever you want more of.

And finally, from Natalie Ledwell and Morry Zelcovitch. Having chosen goals, think, what type of person achieves these goals, what thoughts do they think. Then use affirmations based on these thoughts: I am …

The title of this post is that of Chapter 18, Section VII of A Course in Miracles.

… when the goal is finally achieved by anyone, it always comes with just one happy realization; “I need do nothing.”
Here is the ultimate release which everyone will one day find in his own way, at his own time.

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What If Change Was Easy?

Some ideas from and thoughts provoked by Rikka Zimmerman (with Darius Barazandeh on…

If we feel change is difficult might that be because we are resisting it?

With no resistance would change become easy?

What if you are here to change the world?

When we contemplate doing something which would mean breaking out of our comfort zone do we feel excitement or fear? Excitement and fear have rather similar physiological effects but one is positive, the other negative. How would it be if we chose to reinterpret our fear as excitement?

Many of us seem to have blocks over receiving money beyond the minimum to get by. Feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough to prosper in monetary terms are all too common.

What if we could receive and give money as easily as we breathe in and out? Few of us question whether we are worthy of breathing, we just breathe, but we can still have hang ups over money. Yet money as idea is just as available and plentiful as air.

In whatever way we serve customers or clients the resources are there. We just have to find them and be willing to receive them.

If we feel that God/Source/The Universe is calling us to serve in a particular way then it is surely inconceivable that the resources necessary would not be available for us to find.

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External And Internal Goals

What is your primary goal? What do you want more than anything else? Is your goal something external such as to make a million dollars or something internal such as peace, joy, and fulfillment?

Dr Alex Loyd suggests that if we have an external goal which is not what we primarily want internally then the resulting stress practically guarantees failure to achieve the goal.

Even if an external goal is achieved it is unlikely to satisfy for long. If our true internal desire is not achieved, choosing a new external goal just leads to further frustration.

By contrast when we work towards our true internal goal the way becomes joyous and we are ‘in the flow’.

The true internal goal is much more achievable and is the power source to achieve the external.

Doing and planning in an external sense does not disappear but becomes more tentative and flexible. ‘This is what I currently think success might look like and I will work towards it but I am open to modifying my ideas as I go along.’

Rich German tells how when he first achieved his goal of financial success, within a short time there was a sense of disillusionment and ‘Is this all there is?’ Only once he discovered his true passion in coaching and helping others achieve their dreams did he find true peace and joy and fulfillment as well as financial freedom.

Dr Loyd’s Success Codes deprogram our failure programming and reprogram for success. (In the video the description starts at about 13 minutes in.) They are effective and in many ways revolutionary, but the ideas outlined above also have very respectable antecedents:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. — Matt. 6: 33.

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Why Are We Here?

Before looking at the question “Why are we here?” in relation to everyday situations I would like to refer to something I heard recently from Neale Donald Walsch on the bigger question of why we, as spiritual beings, are here experiencing something very different.

How can we really know light if we have never experienced darkness? How can we have a deep understanding of love if we have never been aware of its opposite? Neale suggests that it is in the very relativity of the physical world with its contrasts and judgments that we come to a greater understanding of the spiritual qualities that we have and are.

Suppose that wherever we are, whomever we are with, we are here to remind everyone about who they really are, to heal this space, to bring awareness. As Jesus said in a much greater context: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10: 10)

In simple practical terms we can make a point of expressing our gratitude and appreciation, of giving genuine praise and encouragement whenever we have opportunity.

Recently as I was praising ‘Mary’ for the way she lights up the space she occupies, I was delighted that inadvertently I gave her the opportunity to give a material gift to add to the love and light and hugs that she dispenses to those who come near.

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Who is preventing my progress?

The second time I heard Rikka Zimmerman tell the story of how her singing career took off I finally got it.

She had been performing to small audiences in a tentative way for quite some time but couldn’t seem to get further. Then she identified a significant block in her thinking and eliminated it. Within 48 hours she was offered a performing contract.

However the amazing thing is that the person who offered the contract told her that he had thought for some time that she was good and had wanted to offer her a contract but something seemed to be holding him back.

Rikka suggests that every negative point of view we have about ourselves we are causing the universe and other people to have this point of view about us.

What if the only thing standing in the way of our getting the new clients we want or the sales we think we should be making is our own thoughts about ourself? What if the potential new clients are ready and eager to hire us, or people waiting to buy what we have to offer, and the only person whom we need to convince is ourself? Isn’t that an empowering thought?

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