Gratitude And Joy In Small Things

I have recently been visiting a friend, ‘I.’ who had been in a coma for some months. Each time I visit there are small signs of progress for which to feel joy and express gratitude.

At first she would only occasionally open her eyes and didn’t really give any sign of seeing anything. Then one day I noticed that as people were going by she would follow them with her eyes. I was thinking afterwards that if I wasn’t wearing my glasses I could still register movement but wouldn’t see very well at all. On my next visit I. was wearing her glasses and more definitely looking and seeing although not giving any reaction.

When I first visited, any movement in her limbs appeared involuntary, then on one occasion I realized she was clearly moving her left hand up towards her face. Next time that hand had been fitted with a fluffy mitt to prevent any disturbance to various tubes in her neck. I. does seem to be aware of touch on her left arm and foot.

The other day for the first time I saw I. give a smile of sorts to the lady who had come to adjust the valve on her breathing tube to make it possible for her to vocalize. She does occasionally seem to be trying to speak.

I am grateful for the good care I. is receiving from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other staff in the hospital, to all those who are praying for her, and for the fact that I am able to give her Quantum-Touch® treatment as part of my learning process.

Ordinarily one would ask for permission but Richard Gordon writes:

If for one reason or another you cannot get permission, simply ask that the energy be used for the highest good, and send it to the person. Sending the energy for the highest good is a great thing to do anyway. ( Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, page 189.)

Each sign of improvement in I.’s condition is a reason for gratitude and joy.

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