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I attended a Self Created Health workshop with Karina Grant in May but have postponed writing about it until I had a little more experience in applying the ideas.

Richard Gordon and other practitioners of Quantum-Touch® had found that when Quantum-Touch did not produce the improvement expected in a condition the reason was usually some suppressed emotion from the past. Richard developed Self Created Health as a process for discovering and healing suppressed emotions. Richard writes:

It has taken me 29 years to develop this seminar. Based on my own insights and the work of many great people, I managed to piece together a highly effective system for discovering, releasing, and transforming emotional causation into love, gratitude and beyond.

Richard has a particular skill in identifying the essentials in various ways of working and combining and presenting them in a way which makes them as widely accessible as possible. He writes:

I had been aware of wonderful work of Lazaris, Abraham, Byron Katy, Ho’oponopono, NLP, EFT, and other systems, yet each felt valuable and incomplete, or placed at the wrong part of a process. Somehow I was able to alter and rearrange the pieces into an effective and viable system that truly works.

If there is one thing I seem to be able to do is to make processes extremely easy to understand and to use going from discovery, to release, to the insight of responsibility, to remorse, forgiveness, self love and then our unlimited nature.

Our love goes deeper than we can know, but our hurt, wounding and anger is also deeper than we want to feel. If we can heal the old wounds, the treasures of our beauty and wonder of our being can be accessed.

In the workshop with Karina we first learned the discovery part of the process, which consists of a series of questions about the condition. The ‘practitioner’, or, better in this context, the ‘coach’, transcribes the answers and together with the ‘client’ looks for echoes of words and phrases used in the answers in what was going on in the client’s life around the time when the condition started. This usually leads to a recognition of something of great emotional impact at that time which had been suppressed.

About an hour before lunch time we divided into pairs to do the discovery process with each other. For the person I was working with and myself we were having such a wonderful time that lunch was more or less squeezed out.

Most people were able to identify causes which they had not thought of before. In my own case, then and in a similar exercise the following day, although I felt that most of my answers were rather brief and vague, we were nevertheless able, in each case, to make a connection which had never occurred to me previously.

‘Discovery’ is just the first step in the seven-step process of Self Created Health. We then went on to learn and apply the other steps ‘going from discovery, to release, to the insight of responsibility, to remorse, forgiveness, self love and then our unlimited nature.’ Yes, it was quite intensive, including working on our own overnight, probably easier for those staying alone in a hotel room than for those going home to their families.

When I started using the Self Created Health process where appropriate with my Quantum-Touch clients I found that the discovery process always worked very well, and sometimes was not so much ‘discovery’ as a confirmation of a likely connection which the client had already recognized.

Satisfactory completion of the other steps, however, necessitates the client’s willingness to take responsibility and to understand/forgive perceived hurt.

As with Quantum-Touch, I am happy to offer a free session on Self Created Health.

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