The Secret Nature of Matter

The title is that of the recent book from Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch®.

Richard recounts a series of experiments (which anyone can repeat) demonstrating that our consciousness can affect matter and that an object can be charged with energy and intent such that it can have a physiological effect in seconds.

One of the things for which Quantum-Touch is noted is postural alignment. Pelvic torsion (twisted hips) is very common, as is misalignment of the occiput (at the base of the skull). Conventional belief is that alignment of the hips and occiput is impossible without using significant force, so Richard has used Spontaneous Postural Alignment (SPA) as an experimental test of observable change in the structure of the body without touch or suggestion.

Richard records the experiments in chronological order along with his developing ideas about what is going on. There were many surprises in situations where SPA occurred, but the few in which SPA did not occur were also illuminating.

If Richard ran energy into (for example) a coin with the intention of causing SPA and then he, or someone else, handed it to someone who was out of alignment then SPA would occur.

If a number of uncharged coins were spread out on the table and Richard charged one of them, any of the others could be used to cause SPA. How could this be? The energy did not spread through the table and floor and align everyone in the room.

This led to the idea of ‘conscious entanglement’ and experiment 38. It appears that looking at a group of objects, for example coins, and being conscious of them as a group causes ‘conscious entanglement’, where charging any one with energy and intent has the same effect on each. The idea comes from the concept in quantum physics of ‘quantum entanglement’, where if a pair of particles is generated with total spin zero and one is measured, forcing it into a definite spin state, then the other will be measured as having the opposite spin state, even if the two measurements are so close in time that no signal could have passed between the two even at the speed of light.

Richard designed a Quantum-Touch pendant, had them manufactured, and entangled them. He charged them with his best healing energy, along with the energy/intent of SPA. He also sent pendants to Quantum-Touch instructors around the world who charged their pendant with their best healing energy. Now when any pendant is handed to someone with the intent of causing SPA he/she will be aligned.

SPA occurs so fluidly and quickly that most people would not notice it, but Richard describes a method for people to be able to detect the shift in their own alignment.

In the book Richard also suggests a new and better Turing Test of whether a machine is self-conscious – see whether it can cause SPA without human intervention.

There is much talk of how as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve more and more jobs will be threatened. I would suggest that among the last to remain would be those of energy healers, as AI machines are incapable of the love and intention necessary to do this work.

In the final chapter, ‘A New Future’, Richard writes:

The best feelings in our life come when we are tapping into our love. Love is the primary carrier wave of life-force energy. Love is the universal frequency which is able to communicate to all beings. It is possible to see everyone as yourself, and to feel compassion for everyone and everything. Imagine if you could clearly perceive the wounded love that’s just beneath the surface of someone acting badly. It’s possible to see a wounded soul, to feel compassion, and to perceive them for what they truly are. It takes a special kind of courage and vulnerability to live in such a state of compassion.

There is power in love. This power can forever change you, and change the world. You can live your deepest inspiration, to listen and know the very whispers of your soul. You can connect with the ineffable, and touch the essence of your own limitlessness.

Your love is more valuable than you know. Your love has impact. Your love truly matters.

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Beautiful People

I have been thinking for a while about how grateful I am that everyone I know is so beautiful and loving.

So much so that if ever anyone appears who might seem at first to be an exception I want to make every effort to see that they really are beautiful and loving.

How can we do this?

One starting point is to recognize, as Neale Donald Walsch has said, that “Nobody does anything inappropriate given their model of the world.” Replacing judgement with understanding goes a long way towards enabling us to see the love and beauty which may have become obscured under a very different exterior appearance.

Recently I was visiting a place where I felt an atmosphere of misunderstanding, suspicion, and antagonism. Before my next visit I made a great effort to see the place and everyone there as full of light and love. Even I was surprised to find everyone so helpful, loving and kind!

Is this about changing other people? No, but we can change how they treat us if we change how we see them, especially if this is in the direction of seeing the love that is their true nature.

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‘How to Let God Help You’

The title is that of a book composed of writings and lectures by Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder with her husband Charles of the Unity® movement, founded in 1889 as a healing ministry based on the power of prayer and the power of our thoughts to create our own reality.

I recently attended (by Skype) a six-session study class on this book led by Kimerie Mapletoft at Unity UK.

Although the language of the book is often old-fashioned, and there is no attempt at being gender-neutral, I found many of the ideas surprisingly modern, including some which I had encountered only in the past few years.

Each chapter was presented by one of the members of the group, followed by a general discussion. The nature of the book as a compilation of Myrtle’s numerous writings means that many ideas appear in several chapters, so I believe it is possible to give a good flavour of the book by presenting here an account of the two chapters for which I was responsible, the ones for which I have detailed notes.

I can see no copyright claim in the book and so have felt free to quote extensively.

Chapter 15 – The Secret Place of Spirit

Myrtle Fillmore starts this chapter with the sentence, ‘We are on the threshold of a new heaven and a new earth – a new consciousness.’ I feel that this awareness has only increased over the hundred years or so since she wrote these words.

Myrtle offers the following affirmation to take into meditation, into ‘the inner chamber’, ‘the secret place of the Most High’: ‘God’s perfect idea in me is now building a perfect body, and I am satisfied.’ She says that we have perfection within us, the divine image and likeness, like a seed with the potential to manifest perfection in the outer in mind, body, and affairs.

She writes, ‘In order to be satisfied we first must have the perfect idea and then the perfect body.’ We go into the silence by observing the instruction, ‘Be still, and know.’ ‘The only way really to know is to become perfectly still, to get away from the outer and from looking for things, into the inner quiet where we are alone with wisdom. In the silence, wisdom is given for every need.’

Myrtle suggests that all have this longing to bring the divine into manifestation, but the longing can be misunderstood and diverted into a constant seeking of pleasure in outer things, which gives only temporary satisfaction.

‘In the silence we get the wonderful inward joy that is of God. We see what the real is.’ Myrtle offers this statement for meditation: ‘I am willing to sacrifice the pleasures of sense that I may enter into the joys of Spirit.’ I rather rebelled against the idea of calling this a sacrifice, and indeed the next sentence is the disclaimer, ‘In sacrificing the pleasures of sense for the joys of Spirit, you are not depriving yourself of pleasures; you are exchanging the moonlight for the great glory of the sun.’

Myrtle then goes on to talk of peace. ‘Unity of Spirit conquers the world for the Lord. We are sending forth peace to every land. Nations will forget to fight if we continue to know that all people express the one Life.’ Although there is still much violence in the world, it seems to me that a lot more people are coming to realize that war is not the way to solve anything.

Doron Libshtein, talking with Panache Desai recently, said ‘Peace is love for everyone and everything.’

Myrtle writes, ‘No one will deny that God is omnipresent or that God is all, yet we talk about a great many presences, a great many powers, and other things that do not belong to God.’ We might quibble with, ‘No one will deny that God is omnipresent or that God is all’ but it is certainly easier to pay lip-service to the idea that God is all than to pursue the idea to its logical conclusion in seeing God in every person and in every circumstance of our lives.

Myrtle goes on to quote ‘one of our great scientists’ in a way which rather makes me uncomfortable, so I will skip to the last couple of lines of that paragraph, which are more poetic than scientific: ‘the different forms in nature are the garments with which God clothes Himself.’

In the last paragraph of the chapter Myrtle talks about creating as God creates, bringing forth according to our thoughts. She warns that the great pattern that God gave in Jesus is unchanged. I would rather say ‘example’ than ‘pattern’ – the divine expresses through each of us in our own individual way. We might also point out that Jesus himself said ‘greater works than these shall he do’ (John 14: 12) but the point is moot as most of us have a long way to go to emulate His understanding and healing and transforming works.

Myrtle finishes the chapter with this: ‘When we get so still that the One becomes visible to us, then we see our own Christ within. Truly, we know that there is only one Power, one Presence, one Wisdom.’

Chapter 28 – Prosperity In The Home

Myrtle begins this chapter with a verse from Psalm 122:

“Peace be within thy walls,
And prosperity within thy palaces.”

She says, ‘There need be no poor homes. Every home can be prosperous.’

Myrtle points to the abundance shown by plants. Even my garden produces abundance in spite of or because of my benign neglect – the grass that needs cutting regularly in summer, at least in the parts that get plenty of light; further from the house is a forest which wasn’t there 43 years ago when we moved in. A rather nice little tree has appeared at the edge of the lawn recently. When my grandsons were here they collected a load of blackberries to take home: a couple of weeks later the bushes were laden again.

Myrtle also uses seed to illustrate the importance of the words we use. Talking about lack and hard economic times and then hoping for prosperity makes as little sense as a farmer planting thistle seed and expecting a crop of wheat.

‘Begin right now to talk plenty, think plenty, give thanks for plenty.’

‘The spiritual Substance out of which visible wealth comes is never depleted.’ ‘The unfailing resource is always willing to give for that is its nature.’

Myrtle goes on to emphasize the importance of gratitude. ‘Be as deeply grateful for every demonstration as you would be for some unexpected treasure poured into your lap.’ Jesus gave thanks for the few loaves and fishes before going on to feed the five thousand. ‘Praise and thanksgiving have within them the quickening spiritual power that produces growth and increase.’

Myrtle advises, ‘Never condemn anything in your home.’ ‘If you want new things, see yourself clothed as befits a child of the King, and your house furnished as pleases your ideals.’

In the last paragraph of the chapter Myrtle writes, ‘The truths that are here spoken are energized by the living Spirit. Your mind and heart are now open and receptive to the ideas that will inspire you with the understanding of the potency of your own thought and word. You are prospered.’

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The Five Principles

I recently attended (by Skype) a six-week study class led by Kimerie Mapletoft at Unity UK on Ellen Debenport’s book, ‘The Five Principles’.

Subtitled ‘A Guide to Practical Spirituality’, the book suggests answers to some of the great questions of existence which have occupied human minds for millennia.

The Five Principles in this form have been used for teaching in the Unity movement, which, while based in Christianity, has always used ideas from many religions and emphasizes those which are common to all. Ideas from modern spiritual teachers can often be recognized in Unity teaching and publications.

Spiritual principles are presented in the book as being similar to physical principles in being unchanging and universally applicable. Like gravity, they apply whether you believe or not. You are not ‘punished’ by gravity for ignoring it and jumping off a cliff but working with it and other physical principles has led to gliders, powered flight, and journeys into space.

A brief outline of my take on each of the five principles follows. If the word ‘God’ produces resistance feel free to substitute ‘All That Is’, ‘Ultimate Reality’, ‘The Presence’, or whatever has most meaning for you.

  1. God Is All. God is all there is. All that we have, all that we are, is God, and we can never be separated from God – ‘in him we live, and move, and have our being’ (Acts 17: 28).
  2. You Are God. We are God expressing in human form. We cannot be separated from God. ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’ (Col. 1: 27).
  3. Co-creating With God. We are made in the image and likeness of God, the Creator. We create our experience by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The Law of Attraction.
  4. Communion With God. If we create our own reality where does prayer come in? In affirmative prayer we are recognizing that whatever we ask for in prayer is ours already. It is important to talk and think only about what we want, not about what we don’t want. This applies just as much when praying for others, with the added complication that we must not presume that we know what is best for them. Specific prayer can be helpful but always with the thought and intention that the outcome should be for the highest good of all involved.
  5. Expressing God. Knowing and understanding the principles are not enough, we must live them, and yet, since the principles apply to everyone all the time, we cannot not live them. Living the truth is more about being than doing. To bring peace to the world, be peaceful. How do we know the truth? Peace always makes you feel lighter. If campaigning, work for what you believe in, not against what you don’t want. ‘What you resist, persists.’

Some of the above may induce the response, ‘Yes, But’, and indeed each chapter has a section introduced with these words. Each chapter ends with a brief meditation based on the corresponding Principle.

Kimerie had produced a number of questions on each chapter as a basis for our discussion, and both the questions and the discussion were a great help in stimulating our minds to a deeper understanding of the principles.

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QT at The Greenwood Club

My visit to The Greenwood Club to talk about and demonstrate Quantum-Touch® seemed to go well and I enjoyed the experience. There were about 50 ladies present and they took part in two basic QT exercises. After the talk I asked for volunteers with any aches or pains to come forward and have a short Quantum-Touch session. Four responded, with some prompting from committee members, and all but one said she felt an improvement. Richard Gordon regularly demonstrates Quantum-Touch in public places but this was my first experience with a group.

My friend I. continues to make slow progress. Two of her meals each day are taken by mouth although the ventral feeding tube is still in place. She is still not talking but her face is very expressive and she does make a few sounds expressing a variety of emotions including pleasure and displeasure.

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Two Posts In One!

I recently enjoyed Linda Ryan’s 8-week coaching program on Napoleon Hill’s ‘Outwitting The Devil’. Hill wrote the manuscript in 1938 (just after ‘Think And Grow Rich’) but it was so controversial, due to its view of the churches, education system, and politics of the time that his family refused to allow publication for over 70 years.

The book is structured around an interview Hill has with the Devil in which he is able to force the Devil to reveal all the methods by which he prevents people thinking for themselves and so become ‘drifters’ who fall under the Devil’s power. Only the 2% who are ‘non-drifters’ escape his spell, think for themselves with ‘definitiveness of purpose’ and so succeed in life. This proportion matches Hill’s observations over decades of successful and unsuccessful people which was the basis of ‘Think And Grow Rich’.

It is interesting the way the interview with the Devil starts out as quite confrontational but by the end of the book Hill is more overtly using the Devil’s words to express his own understanding of how to be successful in all aspects of life.

Linda’s program included homework exercises designed to help us to clarify, absorb, and apply the lessons of the book. We also had the audio version and listened to a particular chapter every day in the week leading up to the relevant lesson.

This really helped in absorbing Hill’s ideas. I could see areas of my life where there had been ‘definiteness of purpose’ and others where ‘drifting’ had led me close to disaster.

Here is my one-sentence summary of the book (another of Linda’s exercises):

The most important factor for success in any area of life is definiteness of purpose, backed up by action based on definite plans.

Contemporaneously I have been engaged in a Quantum-Touch Practitioners Training Program. This was about setting up and growing a practice as opposed to the regular workshops which teach Quantum-Touch® itself.

One of the most useful sections is a series of interviews with experienced practitioners and instructors talking about how they developed their work. Each interview had a number of questions to be answered after listening to the interview.

There were also suggestions for contacting other practitioners, including those in different modalities.

One useful suggestion (with accompanying worksheet to evidence having accepted it!) was to have a daily Quantum-Touch session to work on oneself and one’s practice.

Shortly after starting this I had a lady phone me asking me to give a talk and demonstration to a session of a weekly group which she runs. That should be interesting.

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More Progress for ‘I.’

It’s some time since I reported on I.’s progress, which continues, if slowly.

She was moved from hospital to a fairly new nursing home where the staff are experienced in brain damage and very caring. It is quieter than the hospital and at first I found I. was often asleep when I visited, perhaps because of excellent work by the physios in the mornings tiring her out. I found that Saturday afternoon worked better.

I.’s left arm and hand work well, with a strong grip. One day she rolled my shirt sleeve up, perhaps because all the staff wear short sleeves for reasons of hygiene. She seems to see and hear well with at least some understanding. She quite often seems just on the verge of talking but most of what comes out is a sort of humming rather than vocalization. She sometimes gives a beautiful smile.

Recently the occupational therapists carried out an extended assessment. They suggested ways in which all five senses could be stimulated during routine care.

Up to now a gastric feeding tube has been in use, but today the speech therapist (they also deal with the breathing/eating interface) told me that they had tried foods like banana and some drinks, so far just in therapy rather than routinely until they can be sure it is safe.

While we were celebrating this significant step forward I. began to cry a little, which we took as another positive in that it indicated a clearer realization of how much has been missing over the past year.

I., who was an enthusiastic member of a darts team, was given a darts board and darts (a good size but of safe design – plastic, no points). She managed to place the dart but didn’t try throwing. In any case she would have to get used to using her left hand.

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Self Created Health

I attended a Self Created Health workshop with Karina Grant in May but have postponed writing about it until I had a little more experience in applying the ideas.

Richard Gordon and other practitioners of Quantum-Touch® had found that when Quantum-Touch did not produce the improvement expected in a condition the reason was usually some suppressed emotion from the past. Richard developed Self Created Health as a process for discovering and healing suppressed emotions. Richard writes:

It has taken me 29 years to develop this seminar. Based on my own insights and the work of many great people, I managed to piece together a highly effective system for discovering, releasing, and transforming emotional causation into love, gratitude and beyond.

Richard has a particular skill in identifying the essentials in various ways of working and combining and presenting them in a way which makes them as widely accessible as possible. He writes:

I had been aware of wonderful work of Lazaris, Abraham, Byron Katy, Ho’oponopono, NLP, EFT, and other systems, yet each felt valuable and incomplete, or placed at the wrong part of a process. Somehow I was able to alter and rearrange the pieces into an effective and viable system that truly works.

If there is one thing I seem to be able to do is to make processes extremely easy to understand and to use going from discovery, to release, to the insight of responsibility, to remorse, forgiveness, self love and then our unlimited nature.

Our love goes deeper than we can know, but our hurt, wounding and anger is also deeper than we want to feel. If we can heal the old wounds, the treasures of our beauty and wonder of our being can be accessed.

In the workshop with Karina we first learned the discovery part of the process, which consists of a series of questions about the condition. The ‘practitioner’, or, better in this context, the ‘coach’, transcribes the answers and together with the ‘client’ looks for echoes of words and phrases used in the answers in what was going on in the client’s life around the time when the condition started. This usually leads to a recognition of something of great emotional impact at that time which had been suppressed.

About an hour before lunch time we divided into pairs to do the discovery process with each other. For the person I was working with and myself we were having such a wonderful time that lunch was more or less squeezed out.

Most people were able to identify causes which they had not thought of before. In my own case, then and in a similar exercise the following day, although I felt that most of my answers were rather brief and vague, we were nevertheless able, in each case, to make a connection which had never occurred to me previously.

‘Discovery’ is just the first step in the seven-step process of Self Created Health. We then went on to learn and apply the other steps ‘going from discovery, to release, to the insight of responsibility, to remorse, forgiveness, self love and then our unlimited nature.’ Yes, it was quite intensive, including working on our own overnight, probably easier for those staying alone in a hotel room than for those going home to their families.

When I started using the Self Created Health process where appropriate with my Quantum-Touch clients I found that the discovery process always worked very well, and sometimes was not so much ‘discovery’ as a confirmation of a likely connection which the client had already recognized.

Satisfactory completion of the other steps, however, necessitates the client’s willingness to take responsibility and to understand/forgive perceived hurt.

As with Quantum-Touch, I am happy to offer a free session on Self Created Health.

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Living From Your Soul

I have just completed ‘Living From Your Soul – A 9-Week Journey to Create a Life that Expresses Your Truest Self’ by Neale Donald Walsch.

Neale builds on the work in the ‘Conversations with God’ books and on later work particularly the recent ‘The Only Thing That Matters’.

Neale teaches that each of us is a three-part being, body, mind, and soul, and that it is possible to have an encounter with the soul, and through it, with God. We can have our own conversation with God. There was an exercise to facilitate the beginnings of such a conversation including how to feel the physical presence of God’s energy, the energy of love – this part very much the same as feeling the ‘life force energy’ in Quantum-Touch!

The soul, an individual expression of Divinity, entered into physicality to use body and mind to create an experience of Divinity, Divinity expressing and experiencing itself.

In the realm of the absolute, there is nothing else but God, all there is is love. Love can be known, but how can it be experienced in the absence of what is not love?

We have placed ourselves in physicality, where everything exists in relative terms: light and dark, love and not love. We can experience these contrasts, then select which of these aspects bring the most joy. As we are one with the Divine, through this process God expresses and experiences Itself.

In the session on ‘Eliminating Life’s Complexity’ Neale offers 15 Tips. Here is a taste of them, and most require some thought to appreciate.

  • Nobody does anything inappropriate given their model of the world. (And God sees us that way!)
  • Nobody does anything they don’t want to do.
  • Nobody needs your help and you don’t need help from anybody at all. (The reason to offer anything to anyone is as an expression of who you are.
  • There is nothing you have to do.
  • There is enough.
  • Life was meant to be happy and death was meant to be joyous.

If you feel the lack of any quality you desire then give the gift you want to receive.

How to make contact with the soul? The mind holds experience while the soul holds wisdom and knowledge. Tell your mind that you want to reunite with your soul, and instruct your mind on the information you want from the soul, while releasing any need for it to show up in any specific way.

The entrance to the soul is through the doorway of beingness. We might instruct the mind to ‘be peace’, ‘be love’, ‘be wisdom’.

Meditation is one of the best ways to make contact with the soul and Neale offers various methods of meditation in his book ‘The Only Thing That Matters’, adapted from a similar section in ‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything‘.

Neale suggests: ‘Life is so simple. Why does everyone keep making it so complicated?’

And one ‘simple’ tool for overcoming life’s challenges is Gratitude. We can choose gratitude as an act of will. It is a decision which defines our experience and so our reality.

Suffering is the idea that something is happening which should not be happening: gratitude opens the mind to see the good in situations which we might initially judge ‘not good’. Neale talks about ‘reliable repetition’ of similar experiences which give us the opportunity to react in more constructive ways than we did last time.

The master, therefore, says yes and only yes to every experience. And the master says it joyfully, gratefully, for the master knows that a glorious moment has arrived that is perfect for the glorious expression and experience of glory itself called Divinity.

Another tool which Neale offers for making sense of life is Recontextualization. The importance is not in what we are doing but in who we are being. What aspect of divinity are we expressing in this situation. This point of view can turn to joy a task which previously was experienced as unpleasant or boring.

A third tool is Compassion, compassion for yourself and compassion for others. Divinity expects nothing of you. Free Will means precisely that. There is no judgment or punishment. It is impossible for you to make a mistake: you can only take steps towards your destination.

Seeing your compassion, others will come to you with their anger and hurt. Your offering to them of love, understanding, and acceptance which they have not been able to offer to themselves, will also help you to offer these gifts to yourself.

The final tool offered here is perhaps the most profound in its impact: Forgiveness? – not quite. Neale as usual goes deeper than we expect to suggest ‘Forgiveness forgone‘.

All four tools are designed to give you freedom from suffering, but this one especially.

On the day that you understand that you don’t have anyone to forgive for anything – and that you never did have anyone to forgive for anything at all, because all human expressions are ultimately an expression of love, if only in a distorted form – on that day you will be free no matter what has occurred in your life.

We may seek to experience the fullness of who we are by taking the path of the Soul yet hesitate to step onto that path. We must give ourselves the gift of Willingness. We must use ‘Free Will’ and free our will.

Your Will and God’s Will are one – God wants for you what you want for you. Free Will is the key to freedom.

Any negative thought is coming from the mind alone – the soul will never produce negative energy. Stand where the mind and soul come together and the soul’s position will prevail.

To move into a state of Willingness, all it takes is awareness, desire and determination: an awareness that you have the ability to create your own reality, the desire to do so, and the determination to settle for nothing less.

‘You create your own reality’ means that you are personally responsible for how you experience everything. Contrary to popular belief there is no connection between any event in your life and your reality. It is your experience of the event that is creating the reality.

What creates your experience? The emotion which you attach to the event.

What creates the emotion? Your thought about the event.

You can use this understanding to train your mind to produce realities you prefer rather than those to which you find yourself seemingly subjected.

The Soul has its own perspective. The Soul has data from all the past, indeed all of eternity. The mind and the soul were meant to function together. The data of the mind is expanded by the perspective of the Soul and the experience generated by the Soul meets the experience generated by the mind to create a new place in between, which the Buddhists would call ‘the middle way’.

Love is all there is. There is only one energy in the Universe, the energy we call love; love of self, love of others, love of life. Your Soul and the Soul of the universe desire, seek, and produce all the same thing: whatever love invites next, in order for even more love to be experienced.

Every event can be a blessing when encountered with Gratitude, with Compassion for yourself, and with deep understanding.

Ask, How does what I’m doing now serve the agenda of my Soul? How do I choose for Divinity to be expressed through me in the next grandest way in the next moment?

As the messages of Conversations with God make clear over and over again, there is a reason and a purpose to life, and it has nothing to do with what you are doing. It has everything to do with what you are being while you are doing whatever you are doing. And one day, when everything you are being emerges from the agenda of your Soul, rather than the thoughts of your mind, all the things you are doing will be an expression of Divinity in physical form. This is the ultimate change, this change is called transformation, and this transformation is called enlightenment.

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More Wisdom From Panache

Some more words of wisdom from Panache Desai, this time on a call with Adoley Odunton.

God is the infinite ocean of energy, Love.

Everything is just energy.
Mistakes don’t matter. There is no reason to feel guilty, no reason for shame.

There are no prerequisites. The Divine is pure Love and Acceptance. Allow this energy to flow through you.

Nothing is a mistake. All that we have been told is wrong about us is actually a blessing: we have bought into this reality of judgment. We go about trying to eradicate the symptom instead of realizing what the greater message is in all of it.

Health is often thought of as the absence of disease – but there has to be something greater. Clearing, fixing, assumes something shouldn’t happen and is born of judgment.

You cannot fit the Divine in a box.

When we experience something, even something labelled as a disease, that is a messenger to bring us back into harmony, a state of internal ease in which we can receive the wellness that we already are.

It’s not a case of doing something to effect a transformation, it’s actually more a case of allowing the transformation which already exists within you to occur because our body is designed to regenerate itself.

Health already exists – we need to expand our capacity to experience what is always there, always available.

Acceptance, peace, embracing what is. When we embrace our experience we feel peace, and the body can do what it is designed to do.

It’s not about the eradication of the label or the disease, it’s about coming into such a place of profound peace in the midst of it all that regardless of what’s happening it doesn’t matter. This is so much more than a conversation about healing; this is actually a signpost pointing you to living in your magnificence every moment of your life, the side effect of which is what people would call healing.

It’s important for you to tap into that part of you now which is so much greater and to live your life from that place.

There is a direct correlation between an individual’s ability to receive and the quality of experience in their life. What keeps us away from such receptivity is judgment, shame, and guilt.

It is through the acceptance of our humanity that we step into the divine.

Every part of you serves a function. It’s up to us to stop fighting against all these different parts of us and rejecting all these different parts of us and fragmenting ourselves from all these different parts of us and it’s time to start gathering them up courageously and to dare to be vulnerable and human, because then we become transparent and authentic and it’s in that, that hidden dimension of receptivity, that hidden dimension of life, that the real secret is accessed and revealed.

Everything that has happened, everything, everything happened for you; everything that happens, everything, everything happens for you.

[I guess that includes the virus that has been interrupting my typing of this post every couple of minutes and delayed the publication by a couple of days. 🙂 ]

Every one of you will now be more your true self than you have ever allowed yourselves to be.

Accepting, receiving all that you are – there is no need to try to change anyone else.

If God is infinite then nobody is wrong.

Let everyone believe what they believe – no one is wrong.

Your birthright is infinite abundance, health and vitality, and unconditional love, and connection to Source. That’s naturally what you are.

Act from abundance, not from lack.

Not one of you is a mistake.

Healing is a side-effect of oneness.

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