More Wisdom From Panache

Some more words of wisdom from Panache Desai, this time on a call with Adoley Odunton.

God is the infinite ocean of energy, Love.

Everything is just energy.
Mistakes don’t matter. There is no reason to feel guilty, no reason for shame.

There are no prerequisites. The Divine is pure Love and Acceptance. Allow this energy to flow through you.

Nothing is a mistake. All that we have been told is wrong about us is actually a blessing: we have bought into this reality of judgment. We go about trying to eradicate the symptom instead of realizing what the greater message is in all of it.

Health is often thought of as the absence of disease – but there has to be something greater. Clearing, fixing, assumes something shouldn’t happen and is born of judgment.

You cannot fit the Divine in a box.

When we experience something, even something labelled as a disease, that is a messenger to bring us back into harmony, a state of internal ease in which we can receive the wellness that we already are.

It’s not a case of doing something to effect a transformation, it’s actually more a case of allowing the transformation which already exists within you to occur because our body is designed to regenerate itself.

Health already exists – we need to expand our capacity to experience what is always there, always available.

Acceptance, peace, embracing what is. When we embrace our experience we feel peace, and the body can do what it is designed to do.

It’s not about the eradication of the label or the disease, it’s about coming into such a place of profound peace in the midst of it all that regardless of what’s happening it doesn’t matter. This is so much more than a conversation about healing; this is actually a signpost pointing you to living in your magnificence every moment of your life, the side effect of which is what people would call healing.

It’s important for you to tap into that part of you now which is so much greater and to live your life from that place.

There is a direct correlation between an individual’s ability to receive and the quality of experience in their life. What keeps us away from such receptivity is judgment, shame, and guilt.

It is through the acceptance of our humanity that we step into the divine.

Every part of you serves a function. It’s up to us to stop fighting against all these different parts of us and rejecting all these different parts of us and fragmenting ourselves from all these different parts of us and it’s time to start gathering them up courageously and to dare to be vulnerable and human, because then we become transparent and authentic and it’s in that, that hidden dimension of receptivity, that hidden dimension of life, that the real secret is accessed and revealed.

Everything that has happened, everything, everything happened for you; everything that happens, everything, everything happens for you.

[I guess that includes the virus that has been interrupting my typing of this post every couple of minutes and delayed the publication by a couple of days. 🙂 ]

Every one of you will now be more your true self than you have ever allowed yourselves to be.

Accepting, receiving all that you are – there is no need to try to change anyone else.

If God is infinite then nobody is wrong.

Let everyone believe what they believe – no one is wrong.

Your birthright is infinite abundance, health and vitality, and unconditional love, and connection to Source. That’s naturally what you are.

Act from abundance, not from lack.

Not one of you is a mistake.

Healing is a side-effect of oneness.

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