Quantum-Touch Level 2

While remote healing is possible in basic Quantum-Touch®, Level 2 takes it to a whole new level. Richard Gordon’s new book ‘Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human’ draws on the experience of practitioners over several years in working with all parts of the body, including the brain.

Other applications include enhancing the performance of speakers, artists, and athletes; healing across time as well as space; doing multiple things simultaneously or working on many people at once; changing beliefs without affirmations or positive thinking.

Richard’s co-authors Chris Duffield (scientist and inventor), who was initially sceptical, and Vickie Wickhorst (science historian and Quantum-Touch instructor) add their own insights and knowledge to the book. One of Chris’s insights is to suggest that it is as if Richard has found a new human operating system and over time we are finding more and more apps.

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 we use ‘heart energy’, body awareness and love felt in the area of the heart. Intensifying it and connecting it with our breathing, we guide it with our intention for healing.

Recently I attended a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop with Karina Grant. The teaching and exercises were a great help in understanding and increasing awareness of heart energy as the basis of healing.

One app which I have not mentioned above and which we used in an exercise was ‘Sharing Gifts’. Each person offered a gift which they felt they had and would like to share, kindness, listening, peacefulness, etc. I offered ‘mathematics’. Then we went through a process to accept and integrate a gift.

I was looking out for the gift of social skills, so well expressed by most of those present, but probably so much so that no one thought to mention that one, but I accepted the gift anyway. Afterwards in the break I was telling a group about this and realized that I had indeed received the gift – for the first time in the workshop I was comfortably having a conversation in a group of more than two people! For me that is a huge shift.

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