Quantum-Touch Level 2

While remote healing is possible in basic Quantum-Touch®, Level 2 takes it to a whole new level. Richard Gordon’s new book ‘Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human’ draws on the experience of practitioners over several years in working with all parts of the body, including the brain.

Other applications include enhancing the performance of speakers, artists, and athletes; healing across time as well as space; doing multiple things simultaneously or working on many people at once; changing beliefs without affirmations or positive thinking.

Richard’s co-authors Chris Duffield (scientist and inventor), who was initially sceptical, and Vickie Wickhorst (science historian and Quantum-Touch instructor) add their own insights and knowledge to the book. One of Chris’s insights is to suggest that it is as if Richard has found a new human operating system and over time we are finding more and more apps.

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 we use ‘heart energy’, body awareness and love felt in the area of the heart. Intensifying it and connecting it with our breathing, we guide it with our intention for healing.

Recently I attended a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop with Karina Grant. The teaching and exercises were a great help in understanding and increasing awareness of heart energy as the basis of healing.

One app which I have not mentioned above and which we used in an exercise was ‘Sharing Gifts’. Each person offered a gift which they felt they had and would like to share, kindness, listening, peacefulness, etc. I offered ‘mathematics’. Then we went through a process to accept and integrate a gift.

I was looking out for the gift of social skills, so well expressed by most of those present, but probably so much so that no one thought to mention that one, but I accepted the gift anyway. Afterwards in the break I was telling a group about this and realized that I had indeed received the gift – for the first time in the workshop I was comfortably having a conversation in a group of more than two people! For me that is a huge shift.

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Inspiration from Panache Desai

Panache Desai recently appeared with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday. Before and after he was on calls with Darius Barazandeh on You Wealth Revolution. I have picked out a few things that stood out for me.

All of you is accepted here.
You’re not broken.
You don’t need fixing.

The Divine says, ‘I love you just the way you are.’
May all human beings come to know that they are loved just as they are.

It is through the acceptance of our humanity that we begin to access our greater potential.

[When you encounter that ‘annoying’ person just remember that …]

Life is continually bringing you experiences of what you need to feel so that you can be free.

[so there is no need to judge them – they are bringing you a gift.]

When the Divine made you It marveled for a moment and said, ‘That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’

You are loved beyond description, just for being you.
Recognize that that is enough.
You are enough.

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More Sources of Gratitude

On my latest visit to I. she was able to grasp my hand. Admittedly she looked slightly puzzled. I wondered whether she realized it was someone else’s hand she was holding. Her right hand and arm seem not to have feeling or motion. She also noticed a sharp edge of nail on one of her fingers and tried to bite it. (I filed it smooth.) I. no longer has tubes in her neck and so is not now wearing the mitt. She was quite deliberately looking round the room at times.

I recently had my first real documented Quantum-Touch® session with a ‘client’ (by telephone). This both gave me the reassurance that I could run the energy and illustrated strongly the point that Richard Gordon always makes that the client (rather than the practitioner) is the healer. The client was able to report throughout the session on what she was feeling and sensing and by the end was much more happy and peaceful.

I am in the process of becoming a Quantum-Touch practitioner and as part of the training am offering sessions at no cost. (Please email me if you are interested: amck@liv.ac.uk)

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Gratitude And Joy In Small Things

I have recently been visiting a friend, ‘I.’ who had been in a coma for some months. Each time I visit there are small signs of progress for which to feel joy and express gratitude.

At first she would only occasionally open her eyes and didn’t really give any sign of seeing anything. Then one day I noticed that as people were going by she would follow them with her eyes. I was thinking afterwards that if I wasn’t wearing my glasses I could still register movement but wouldn’t see very well at all. On my next visit I. was wearing her glasses and more definitely looking and seeing although not giving any reaction.

When I first visited, any movement in her limbs appeared involuntary, then on one occasion I realized she was clearly moving her left hand up towards her face. Next time that hand had been fitted with a fluffy mitt to prevent any disturbance to various tubes in her neck. I. does seem to be aware of touch on her left arm and foot.

The other day for the first time I saw I. give a smile of sorts to the lady who had come to adjust the valve on her breathing tube to make it possible for her to vocalize. She does occasionally seem to be trying to speak.

I am grateful for the good care I. is receiving from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other staff in the hospital, to all those who are praying for her, and for the fact that I am able to give her Quantum-Touch® treatment as part of my learning process.

Ordinarily one would ask for permission but Richard Gordon writes:

If for one reason or another you cannot get permission, simply ask that the energy be used for the highest good, and send it to the person. Sending the energy for the highest good is a great thing to do anyway. ( Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, page 189.)

Each sign of improvement in I.’s condition is a reason for gratitude and joy.

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Giving and Receiving are the Same

I was walking home recently and felt waves of love and joy and peace rolling over me. Where did that come from I wondered. Then I remembered that earlier I had been sitting for some time beside a young woman who appeared distracted, unhappy…

It had not seemed appropriate to say anything much to her but I had been sending love and peace and joy in her direction. And later I noticed that she appeared much more cheerful.

Some sentences from ‘A Course In Miracles’ come to mind:

How many times has it been emphasized that you give but to yourself? And where could this be better shown than in the kinds of help [one] gives to those who need his aid? Here is his gift most clearly given him. For he will give only what he has chosen for himself.

[G]iving and receiving are the same.

To give and to receive are one in truth.
I will receive what I am giving now.

Any time we feel lacking in any quality, we can become more aware of how much we have by giving it to someone else.

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Quantum-Touch Workshop

Recently I attended a Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop led by Karina Grant.
I had read “Quantum-Touch – The Power to Heal”, the defining text by the founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon, several times but attending a live workshop was a great help in clarifying the material and especially as the participants were able to put it into practice with each other.

In one session we used distance healing and I found this session particularly moving and inspiring.

Richard Gordon states that “the ability to heal is an inherent part of people’s essential nature.” Through breathing exercises, love and intention the practitioner learns to increase the awareness of life-force energy and physical sensations in his or her hands. Using a very light touch on the client it is possible to accelerate the body’s own healing response. Richard emphasizes that the real ‘healer’ in a Quantum-Touch session is the client rather than the practitioner.

Quantum-Touch seems to me just what I have always felt should exist – healing which is natural and accessible to all.

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Manifestation – in Duplicate?

You are probably familiar with steps towards the manifestation of a goal:

  1. Write down your goal in as precise detail as possible.
  2. Feel how you expect to feel when the goal is realized.
  3. Make a plan to start to get there, but be comfortable if you don’t really know how the goal will be accomplished as that indicates that the goal is big enough to stretch you.
  4. Take the first steps as you have outlined.
  5. Trust The Universe/Source/God to reveal the way to the solution.

Acknowledgement here to my most recent sources Linda Ryan and Linda with Tommy Hilcken on BlogTalkRadio.

There is a delicate balance between concentrating on the What, When, Why and leaving the How to Source on the one hand and being sure to take steps in the desired direction on the other. In Tommy’s story his amazing manifestation came while he was busy taking steps in changing his work life, but steps which had no obvious connection with the particular goal which manifested.

In another post I have written of my goal for a certain sum of money manifesting unexpectedly while I was busy taking steps in a different direction, steps which after a further few weeks led to a similar additional sum.

Another example of duplication on a smaller scale happened recently. I had been frustrated by the very slow running of a program I use a lot. Listening to one of Bob Proctor’s talks ‘Six Minutes to Success’ on looking at problems as opportunities, on cue I thought of a possibly rather dangerous workaround, but not long after another solution popped into my mind, one which was much safer and acceptable.

I wonder if you have noticed the generosity of Source in providing several solutions to your problems, ‘good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over’.

The idea for a post often comes soon after I awake. This time I had a Eureka moment, but home alone rather than running through the streets.

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I seem to have heard a lot recently about allowing.

Rather than judge and resist circumstances we perceive as ‘bad’ and try to change them, especially if it involves an attempt to change other people, we can change what we always have the power to change, our thinking. According to Abraham-Hicks, you will realize that it has always been your struggle and concern—and attempt at impossible control—that has been holding unwanted things to you. With less resistance and more allowing, unwanted things cannot remain.

Ryan Harris, host of Prosperity Radio, in Linda Ryan’s BlogTalkRadio broadcast, told how his change from resistance to allowing was followed in a very short time by the transformation for the better of a dire situation he had been struggling with for a long time.

Ryan points out how important it is to catch yourself quickly when negative stuff arises, so that a quick resolution becomes possible.


I’m not sure whether others find my posts helpful, but I think I must have been paying attention to what I wrote above. …

I broke off to visit a friend in hospital who is currently in a coma. It was quite peaceful sitting with her for a while and the staff were helpful. On the way home on the train I noticed that we had been sitting at one station for a while and it was suspiciously quiet. Eventually we found out that due to a fault in a train elsewhere on the system the power had been turned off. After about an hour the power came back on and trains began to move – but to be taken out of service. Eventually one came along with the correct destination indicated but it went only to the next station. We were told there was a replacement bus, which turned out to be taking us less than a mile to get another bus, which had already left and wouldn’t return for about 25 minutes. At which point I gave up on the railway-provided transport and got an ordinary bus home, arriving about two hours later than I would originally have expected. Ordinarily I might have been at least a little upset by all the delays and been thinking of all I had been intending to do, but without having to do any work on it I seemed to be totally calm and happy, indeed I was observing my calmness with some surprise. And I finished reading the magazine I had with me just minutes before arriving home.


Elisabeth Fayt, whom I discovered only recently on a call with Debra Poneman and New Transformation Strategies, writes extensively about the Law of Allowing. If we perceive an individual perhaps behaving inappropriately, we envision them how we would want them to be and how we know they would want to be perceived, and then we allow – we choose to be happy. Regardless of what is and regardless of what we have envisioned, we choose to be happy.

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Getting Into The Vortex

I have been using the Abraham-Hicks Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations for about a month now. Concentration on slow breathing following the rhythm of the music while listening to Esther’s voice bringing Abraham’s words occupies the conscious mind sufficiently that I am able more than usual to avoid mind wandering.

The recordings are on topics such as Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships Well-Being.

I found the one on relationships very powerful. The challenging thought that helping while being sorry for someone is not actually helping – we need rather to see the person already having the qualities we perceive to be lacking.

Prosperity was the area in my life most in need of a shift and listening to these recordings has moved the process along considerably. Curiously there was a period when every two or three days would bring an expected or unexpected cheque.

Over the past few months, although my financial situation has not necessarily been transformed, my feeling about it has been.

Reassuringly the book/pdf accompanying the recordings says:

You have only to remember that, at first, the evidence of your improved state of allowing comes in the form of good-feeling emotions, not in the form of money or new cars. But eventually the money and the new cars will come, too.

I was introduced to the Abraham-Hicks material through Linda Ryan’s Vortex Meditation Workshop. In her interactive sessions Linda expounds Abraham’s teaching and brings some illustrations of her own. No matter how thoroughly I had read the passage beforehand Linda always managed to bring out powerful additional points. Highly recommended especially for anyone wanting to start meditation or who has tried in the past and given up.

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A Walk

Yesterday I had a spot removed from my nose and the wound stitched up. It looked a bit of a mess and blood was still leaking so rather than cause alarm on the bus I decided to walk home along the cycle track which follows a disused railway line. After a while with the blood still leaking I realized this was an opportunity for an afformation®. (Noah St. John)

Why does my nose heal so quickly and beautifully?

In fact I kept getting interrupted in my thoughts as almost every person on foot whom I passed would call out ‘Are you all right, mate?’ These expressions of concern continued after I was back in a residential area, including from an ambulance driver who had stopped in the middle of the road for a chat with the driver of a police car going in the opposite direction.

What a lot of caring people there are around!

By the time I got home the bleeding had largely stopped.

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