I seem to have heard a lot recently about allowing.

Rather than judge and resist circumstances we perceive as ‘bad’ and try to change them, especially if it involves an attempt to change other people, we can change what we always have the power to change, our thinking. According to Abraham-Hicks, you will realize that it has always been your struggle and concern—and attempt at impossible control—that has been holding unwanted things to you. With less resistance and more allowing, unwanted things cannot remain.

Ryan Harris, host of Prosperity Radio, in Linda Ryan’s BlogTalkRadio broadcast, told how his change from resistance to allowing was followed in a very short time by the transformation for the better of a dire situation he had been struggling with for a long time.

Ryan points out how important it is to catch yourself quickly when negative stuff arises, so that a quick resolution becomes possible.


I’m not sure whether others find my posts helpful, but I think I must have been paying attention to what I wrote above. …

I broke off to visit a friend in hospital who is currently in a coma. It was quite peaceful sitting with her for a while and the staff were helpful. On the way home on the train I noticed that we had been sitting at one station for a while and it was suspiciously quiet. Eventually we found out that due to a fault in a train elsewhere on the system the power had been turned off. After about an hour the power came back on and trains began to move – but to be taken out of service. Eventually one came along with the correct destination indicated but it went only to the next station. We were told there was a replacement bus, which turned out to be taking us less than a mile to get another bus, which had already left and wouldn’t return for about 25 minutes. At which point I gave up on the railway-provided transport and got an ordinary bus home, arriving about two hours later than I would originally have expected. Ordinarily I might have been at least a little upset by all the delays and been thinking of all I had been intending to do, but without having to do any work on it I seemed to be totally calm and happy, indeed I was observing my calmness with some surprise. And I finished reading the magazine I had with me just minutes before arriving home.


Elisabeth Fayt, whom I discovered only recently on a call with Debra Poneman and New Transformation Strategies, writes extensively about the Law of Allowing. If we perceive an individual perhaps behaving inappropriately, we envision them how we would want them to be and how we know they would want to be perceived, and then we allow – we choose to be happy. Regardless of what is and regardless of what we have envisioned, we choose to be happy.

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