Manifestation – in Duplicate?

You are probably familiar with steps towards the manifestation of a goal:

  1. Write down your goal in as precise detail as possible.
  2. Feel how you expect to feel when the goal is realized.
  3. Make a plan to start to get there, but be comfortable if you don’t really know how the goal will be accomplished as that indicates that the goal is big enough to stretch you.
  4. Take the first steps as you have outlined.
  5. Trust The Universe/Source/God to reveal the way to the solution.

Acknowledgement here to my most recent sources Linda Ryan and Linda with Tommy Hilcken on BlogTalkRadio.

There is a delicate balance between concentrating on the What, When, Why and leaving the How to Source on the one hand and being sure to take steps in the desired direction on the other. In Tommy’s story his amazing manifestation came while he was busy taking steps in changing his work life, but steps which had no obvious connection with the particular goal which manifested.

In another post I have written of my goal for a certain sum of money manifesting unexpectedly while I was busy taking steps in a different direction, steps which after a further few weeks led to a similar additional sum.

Another example of duplication on a smaller scale happened recently. I had been frustrated by the very slow running of a program I use a lot. Listening to one of Bob Proctor’s talks ‘Six Minutes to Success’ on looking at problems as opportunities, on cue I thought of a possibly rather dangerous workaround, but not long after another solution popped into my mind, one which was much safer and acceptable.

I wonder if you have noticed the generosity of Source in providing several solutions to your problems, ‘good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over’.

The idea for a post often comes soon after I awake. This time I had a Eureka moment, but home alone rather than running through the streets.

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