The Secret Nature of Matter

The title is that of the recent book from Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch®.

Richard recounts a series of experiments (which anyone can repeat) demonstrating that our consciousness can affect matter and that an object can be charged with energy and intent such that it can have a physiological effect in seconds.

One of the things for which Quantum-Touch is noted is postural alignment. Pelvic torsion (twisted hips) is very common, as is misalignment of the occiput (at the base of the skull). Conventional belief is that alignment of the hips and occiput is impossible without using significant force, so Richard has used Spontaneous Postural Alignment (SPA) as an experimental test of observable change in the structure of the body without touch or suggestion.

Richard records the experiments in chronological order along with his developing ideas about what is going on. There were many surprises in situations where SPA occurred, but the few in which SPA did not occur were also illuminating.

If Richard ran energy into (for example) a coin with the intention of causing SPA and then he, or someone else, handed it to someone who was out of alignment then SPA would occur.

If a number of uncharged coins were spread out on the table and Richard charged one of them, any of the others could be used to cause SPA. How could this be? The energy did not spread through the table and floor and align everyone in the room.

This led to the idea of ‘conscious entanglement’ and experiment 38. It appears that looking at a group of objects, for example coins, and being conscious of them as a group causes ‘conscious entanglement’, where charging any one with energy and intent has the same effect on each. The idea comes from the concept in quantum physics of ‘quantum entanglement’, where if a pair of particles is generated with total spin zero and one is measured, forcing it into a definite spin state, then the other will be measured as having the opposite spin state, even if the two measurements are so close in time that no signal could have passed between the two even at the speed of light.

Richard designed a Quantum-Touch pendant, had them manufactured, and entangled them. He charged them with his best healing energy, along with the energy/intent of SPA. He also sent pendants to Quantum-Touch instructors around the world who charged their pendant with their best healing energy. Now when any pendant is handed to someone with the intent of causing SPA he/she will be aligned.

SPA occurs so fluidly and quickly that most people would not notice it, but Richard describes a method for people to be able to detect the shift in their own alignment.

In the book Richard also suggests a new and better Turing Test of whether a machine is self-conscious – see whether it can cause SPA without human intervention.

There is much talk of how as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve more and more jobs will be threatened. I would suggest that among the last to remain would be those of energy healers, as AI machines are incapable of the love and intention necessary to do this work.

In the final chapter, ‘A New Future’, Richard writes:

The best feelings in our life come when we are tapping into our love. Love is the primary carrier wave of life-force energy. Love is the universal frequency which is able to communicate to all beings. It is possible to see everyone as yourself, and to feel compassion for everyone and everything. Imagine if you could clearly perceive the wounded love that’s just beneath the surface of someone acting badly. It’s possible to see a wounded soul, to feel compassion, and to perceive them for what they truly are. It takes a special kind of courage and vulnerability to live in such a state of compassion.

There is power in love. This power can forever change you, and change the world. You can live your deepest inspiration, to listen and know the very whispers of your soul. You can connect with the ineffable, and touch the essence of your own limitlessness.

Your love is more valuable than you know. Your love has impact. Your love truly matters.

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