Beautiful People

I have been thinking for a while about how grateful I am that everyone I know is so beautiful and loving.

So much so that if ever anyone appears who might seem at first to be an exception I want to make every effort to see that they really are beautiful and loving.

How can we do this?

One starting point is to recognize, as Neale Donald Walsch has said, that “Nobody does anything inappropriate given their model of the world.” Replacing judgement with understanding goes a long way towards enabling us to see the love and beauty which may have become obscured under a very different exterior appearance.

Recently I was visiting a place where I felt an atmosphere of misunderstanding, suspicion, and antagonism. Before my next visit I made a great effort to see the place and everyone there as full of light and love. Even I was surprised to find everyone so helpful, loving and kind!

Is this about changing other people? No, but we can change how they treat us if we change how we see them, especially if this is in the direction of seeing the love that is their true nature.

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