A Presentation

This is a presentation to a group studying the Chakras, on this day Chakra 5 (Throat, Voice) April 2019.

I was born in 1940 in Greenock on the Firth of Clyde west of Glasgow.

My favourite subject in school was arithmetic, and then mathematics in secondary school. I went to Glasgow University to get a degree in Mathematics and Physics and then did research in Group Theory in Particle Physics for a PhD.

After two years on a Harkness Fellowship in the United States and a year in Cambridge I got a job as a lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Liverpool University where I spent all my working life.

I married in 1971 and we had two daughters and a son. The year 1998 was rather eventful: my father died in April, exactly a month later my wife died, and later in the year my two daughters got married. My son was already with the girl he eventually married and each of my children now has two children so I have six grandchildren.

Around the turn of the millennium I retired gradually over a period of several years.

When I was growing up my parents preferred to consult a naturopathic doctor over any problems so it was natural for me to become interested in alternative healing methods. About seven years ago I heard Richard Gordon talk in a webinar about Quantum-Touch as a healing method which was both effective and simple to learn and practise. I felt that this was the sort of healing method I had always believed should exist. I attended Quantum-Touch workshops at basic and advanced levels and began practising, at first with friends and friends of friends, before offering my services more publicly.

It seems to me that the ideal job is one which you would happily do for nothing if you were already financially independant, and I am fortunate to have felt like that both about my research and teaching and about practising Quantum-Touch.

Quantum-Touch is based on the power of love and intention. I have begun to understand that love for yourself and others is not just something to aim at but love is what you are and what others are if you can just see it. Books such as ‘A Course in Miracles’, ‘A Course of Love’, and Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’ series mean that we can go from ‘Love is all you need’ to ‘Love is all you are’, and ‘Love is all there is.’

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