Who Am I?

This question is often suggested as a starting point for meditation – in seeking to answer it we find ultimate meaning, enlightenment.

Here, however, I use it as a title for an ‘About Me’ page.

Retired university lecturer (in mathematics and theoretical physics), three children, six grandchildren (at last count).

I was born in Greenock, Scotland, and have lived in Woolton, Liverpool, for 47 years. I attend St Peter’s Church, which is often visited by the Beatles tour bus.

Brought up in the Methodist tradition, rejoiced in the Love of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Embraced the church’s ministry of healing. Isn’t it about time we followed Jesus’ commission to heal the sick?

I read A Course in Miracles and had a sense of coming home. This is what I have always believed or wanted to believe.

Hence the title of the blog: ‘Love, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace’.

The header image is from a view of my back garden. That I love this forest view is my justification for the benign neglect, that and the fact that my grandsons loved the garden that way when they were younger.

I would welcome discussion. Different points of view are welcomed as long as they are offered in a spirit of mutual respect, encouragement and acceptance.

Archie McKerrell

10 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Mary says:

    I always appreciate your insights. I, too, “embrace the ministry of healing”.
    I have never been to Scotland, but I have seen it in movies and I have spoken to family who have visited, and I know it is a beautiful place on the planet.

    • amck says:

      Thanks Mary! I usually think of the northwest as being the most beautiful part of Scotland but recently enjoyed a lovely few days with my daughter and family in the southeast, including a few hours across the causeway to Lindisfarne (Holy Island).

  2. Archie – John was searching through files today (following his recent “semi-retirement” to half-time teaching at Regent University in Virginia Beach. ) Now he has time to regain some joys and contacts from our rich past. We still recall your visit to our home in Illinois, and we were so glad to find you online and learn that you are well. We’d love to hear from you. God bless.

    • amck says:

      Lovely to hear from you. I often remember your wonderfully loving hospitality on my travels across the U.S.

      • Judi Munday says:

        Archie – John just forwarded a link today to your website. He is “supposed” to be writing his book on Science and Faith, but each day, he ends up doing other interesting things like finding your website! We do think of you often – because that first Navajo rug you presented to us is out where we can see it frequently. It became the first of a lifetime collection of thirty Navajo weaving pieces that we now own from many areas of the reservation. It has become a source of great joy to us — and that always leads us back to thinking of you!! We hope you are well. Judi

        • amck says:

          How nice to hear from you again. I have fond memories of my visits to you so long ago that your family was just the two of you and mine one.
          I have just finished a Quantum Touch session with a client and am now remembering that I should wrap my grandsons’ presents before the family birthday party at Hazel’s tomorrow.

          • Gwen McKerrell says:

            I have just found your website after a discussion on healing therapies with colleagues. It is a wonderful website, so full of inspiration. I hope you write some more blog posts soon. Love Gwen xxx

          • amck says:

            Thanks, Gwen. Yes, it is a while … xx

  3. Beverley Thomas says:

    Hello, its great to look at some of the things you are doing spiritually.

  4. Satya Sharma says:

    Hello Archie,

    I am the other half of Mary Margaret Sharma (Martin), 11a South Street Greenock, Scotland.
    Mary would like to get in touch with you. We seem to have misplaced your e-mail address. Would you mind to send your e-mail address to us?

    Satya Sharma, B.Sc., DipMech., B.Sc. (hons), A.R.C.S.T., Ph.D.

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