Who Am I?

This question is often suggested as a starting point for meditation – in seeking to answer it we find ultimate meaning, enlightenment.

Here, however, I use it as a title for an ‘About Me’ page.

Retired university lecturer (in mathematics and theoretical physics), three children, six grandchildren (at last count).

I was born in Greenock, Scotland, and have lived in Woolton, Liverpool, for 47 years. I attend St Peter’s Church, which is often visited by the Beatles tour bus.

Brought up in the Methodist tradition, rejoiced in the Love of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Embraced the church’s ministry of healing. Isn’t it about time we followed Jesus’ commission to heal the sick?

I read A Course in Miracles and had a sense of coming home. This is what I have always believed or wanted to believe.

Hence the title of the blog: ‘Love, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace’.

The header image is from a view of my back garden. That I love this forest view is my justification for the benign neglect, that and the fact that my grandsons loved the garden that way when they were younger.

I would welcome discussion. Different points of view are welcomed as long as they are offered in a spirit of mutual respect, encouragement and acceptance.

Archie McKerrell

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