What If … ?

Yesterday was the first of a series of free weekly calls, Manifest Everything Now, hosted by Kristen Howe. (Replays are available for 48 hours.)

This call was by the marvelous Rikka Zimmerman:

In “How to Be The Master of Your Phenomenal Life” Rikka shares and uses the ever-changing, ever-expanding tools, processes, and information developed by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™, that you can use to change anything in your life. Is NOW the TIME for YOU to BE the Master of YOUR Phenomenal Life with more EASE and JOY than you ever thought possible?

You were meant for bigger and greater things than you have ever experienced. What if all that was necessary was to get out of your own way?

What if you are actually the creator of your own life experience? – So you can change it.

How does it get any better than this?

What else is possible?

What would it take for you to have 100 more clients this month?

The question format helps to avoid resistance, it invites lightness and new ideas. Each question is followed by another. Would you be willing to destroy and uncreate everything that stands in the way of …; and then comes the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement which briefly summarises pages of block clearing.

Rikka suggests that for three days we should ask of every (negative) thought, feeling, emotion, “Who does this belong to?”

What if 98% of all that you think is wrong with your life doesn’t belong to you in the first place?

What if you are a beautiful being? What if you’re not wrong? Never been wrong, ever? Everything you think is wrong about you is nothing to do with you. Behind it is the greatest most wonderful potential to change the world!

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