Fun, Manifestation, and a Tautology

I was listening to a fun-filled call with Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory and found myself writing among my scribbled notes, ‘Wow’, ‘This is Good!’, etc.

They emphasize the importance of keeping a light touch in applying the Law of Attraction. Have Fun! Get into the glorious feeling of what you desire.

Give up any thought or feeling of neediness. We still have the desire but also make peace with where we are right now while having eager expectation for what is on its way.

‘Everything is perfect right now.’ (That one got a ‘Wow’.)

On being specific in stating our intention: some people may be fired up by numbers of clients or sums of money, then that’s great; for others this may generate resistance – then we can concentrate on the life we desire, the freedom, the joy as we are able to help more and more people while pursuing our passion.

OK, we’ve made a great start. But what do we do when all the negative what ifs come up.

  • What if I get rejected?
  • It’s so hard to make money
  • You can’t be spiritual and wealthy
  • I can’t change a lot

Ask what if the opposite is true.

  • What if people are eager to receive what I have to offer?
  • What if it’s easy to make money?
  • You can be spiritual and wealthy
  • What if I can change a lot?

Whenever negative thoughts come up try the opposite, even if at first you have to do this a thousand times a day!

And the tautology?

The following idea came suddenly to me as I reviewed my notes on Jeanna and Eva’s call.

Whatever I am guided to do, whatever is for my highest good, must be possible for me to do.

Practically a tautology, yet so powerful.

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