An Analogy?

This morning I was listening to Harrison Klein, “Alignment: The Secret to Immediate and Lasting Manifestation”, the latest in the series of calls Manifest Everything Now, hosted by Kristen Howe. I don’t think I have ever been so stimulated between 1 and 2 a.m. (UK time)!

Harrison’s theme is that the first step in manifestation is to be what we want to manifest. To know that I am love leads to my speaking and doing being loving.

Being wealthy (as an internal state) comes before the outer manifestation. We might think that feeling wealthy is the result of having a lot of money: Harrison claims that having a lot of money is the result of being wealthy.

We might use as evidence for his point of view the fact that many lottery winners end up after some time in no better state financially than before their win.

Nevertheless I for one was a little daunted by the idea of trying to convince myself that ‘I am wealthy’ before there is external evidence, so first back to ‘I am love’.

I know from experience that it is hard to speak and act consistently in a totally loving way before the being love is properly established. Especially if there is someone who knows how to push my buttons and delights in doing so. Almost inevitably, speaking lovingly through an act of will eventually becomes too much and a less than loving sentence slips out!

Having understood this point I now intend to use the analogy to progress to being wealthy. As a start (or in a moment of madness?) I accepted Harrison’s special offer!

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