Who is preventing my progress?

The second time I heard Rikka Zimmerman tell the story of how her singing career took off I finally got it.

She had been performing to small audiences in a tentative way for quite some time but couldn’t seem to get further. Then she identified a significant block in her thinking and eliminated it. Within 48 hours she was offered a performing contract.

However the amazing thing is that the person who offered the contract told her that he had thought for some time that she was good and had wanted to offer her a contract but something seemed to be holding him back.

Rikka suggests that every negative point of view we have about ourselves we are causing the universe and other people to have this point of view about us.

What if the only thing standing in the way of our getting the new clients we want or the sales we think we should be making is our own thoughts about ourself? What if the potential new clients are ready and eager to hire us, or people waiting to buy what we have to offer, and the only person whom we need to convince is ourself? Isn’t that an empowering thought?

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