A Walk

Yesterday I had a spot removed from my nose and the wound stitched up. It looked a bit of a mess and blood was still leaking so rather than cause alarm on the bus I decided to walk home along the cycle track which follows a disused railway line. After a while with the blood still leaking I realized this was an opportunity for an afformation®. (Noah St. John)

Why does my nose heal so quickly and beautifully?

In fact I kept getting interrupted in my thoughts as almost every person on foot whom I passed would call out ‘Are you all right, mate?’ These expressions of concern continued after I was back in a residential area, including from an ambulance driver who had stopped in the middle of the road for a chat with the driver of a police car going in the opposite direction.

What a lot of caring people there are around!

By the time I got home the bleeding had largely stopped.

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5 Responses to A Walk

  1. Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers says:

    Thanks for writing about the community kindness that touches us all over our lifetimes. It is great that people show the kindness to others and when you add these moments up — there are many newsworthy stories that we often don’t write about — and yet they are so significant.

  2. Nick says:

    great to read that all went well with your nose.. and yes, it was wonderful that you shared the fact that there is STILL many greatnd loving people ready to help if it is necessary.

    Not sure where you live.. but I bet thre is many places like yours and it would be nice if teh number would increse.

    Thanks so much again for sharing such a personal experience.

  3. Linda Ryan says:

    What a considerate man you are Archie~ walking home so you wouldn’t upset anyone! I hadn’t heard the term afformation, and now, thanks to you I can begin using them myself! Heal swiftly 🙂

  4. amck says:

    Thanks for all the good wishes. My nose has healed beautifully.

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