A Walk

Yesterday I had a spot removed from my nose and the wound stitched up. It looked a bit of a mess and blood was still leaking so rather than cause alarm on the bus I decided to walk home along the cycle track which follows a disused railway line. After a while with the blood still leaking I realized this was an opportunity for an afformation®. (Noah St. John)

Why does my nose heal so quickly and beautifully?

In fact I kept getting interrupted in my thoughts as almost every person on foot whom I passed would call out ‘Are you all right, mate?’ These expressions of concern continued after I was back in a residential area, including from an ambulance driver who had stopped in the middle of the road for a chat with the driver of a police car going in the opposite direction.

What a lot of caring people there are around!

By the time I got home the bleeding had largely stopped.

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