What If Change Was Easy?

Some ideas from and thoughts provoked by Rikka Zimmerman (with Darius Barazandeh on YouWealthRevolution.com)…

If we feel change is difficult might that be because we are resisting it?

With no resistance would change become easy?

What if you are here to change the world?

When we contemplate doing something which would mean breaking out of our comfort zone do we feel excitement or fear? Excitement and fear have rather similar physiological effects but one is positive, the other negative. How would it be if we chose to reinterpret our fear as excitement?

Many of us seem to have blocks over receiving money beyond the minimum to get by. Feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough to prosper in monetary terms are all too common.

What if we could receive and give money as easily as we breathe in and out? Few of us question whether we are worthy of breathing, we just breathe, but we can still have hang ups over money. Yet money as idea is just as available and plentiful as air.

In whatever way we serve customers or clients the resources are there. We just have to find them and be willing to receive them.

If we feel that God/Source/The Universe is calling us to serve in a particular way then it is surely inconceivable that the resources necessary would not be available for us to find.

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